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If you’re looking for roofing services, then look no further than the professionals at Miami Local Roofers. We are a roofing company with experience serving commercial and residential clients and are dedicated to providing quality workmanship. We can take care of all roofing projects no matter what size they are.


Miami Local Roofers specialize in all types of roofs and will deal with your project promptly. Whether your existing roof needs complete replacement or repair works, we are here to help. Please check out all of our services below, and if you have any niche requirements, we are always here to help.

Metal Roofing Homestead, FL

Residential metal roofing is a fantastic option for any Homestead, FL home. They are very robust, offer low maintenance and have the added advantage of lasting for much longer than traditional roofs. Some people have a misconception that they are unsafe in storms and noisy in the rain; however, this is not the case. They are perfectly safe, and with correct insulation, noise from rain can be minimized.
If you are considering a roof replacement, then metal should be a strong candidate. Maybe your existing Tin Roof has failed, and it’s time to upgrade to something that will last for many years to come.

Metal Roof repairs Homestead, FL

Whether your existing metal roof has been damaged or has started leaking, we can help. Firstly, we will assess the extent of the repair required and then advise you of the most suitable options available. If the surrounding areas where the repair is needed are sound, then we should be able to carry out a professional repair that will last for years to come.

We can offer you free quotations and can advise of the pros and cons of all different roof variations. Please give us a call today so that we can find the best solution for you.

Roof Shingles Homestead, FL

Roof shingles are one of the most popular roof types all over America. They offer affordability and come in many different designs and colours, which will give you the ability to add a unique look to your home.

These are also a great solution when a roof replacement cost is your main priority as they are relatively quick to install and thus enable quite a saving over other roof styles.

Shingles roof repairs Homestead, FL

Shingle roof repairs are common; they can need remedial works over time due to either damage or poor initial installation. Hail damage on a roof can be a concern with shingles as it can cause the seal integrity to become compromised, leading to the shingles potentially blowing off. This, in turn, can then cause other shingles to become damaged and then leaks will start to occur.

Tiled Roof Homestead, FL

A tiled roof does not only offer stunning curb appeal for your property, but there are so many different options for you to choose from; Including different materials from terracotta to concrete and slate roof tiles. There are also many different color options. It is pretty much guaranteed there will be a type suitable for all tastes.

Tiled roofs are one of the most durable and longest-lasting roof types that you can choose for your home, and you must select a Miami roofing contractor who has the skills and expertise to make sure your new roof is installed to the exact standard required for longevity.

Tiled Roof repairs Homestead, FL

If your roof has a slipped tile, do not ignore it, as it can lead to more problems. Slipped tiles are relatively common and can usually be fixed relatively quickly; however, keeping your tiled roof in top condition must be a priority. If you also see any hip or ridge tiles that appear to be loose or damaged, it would be advisable to call us before the problem worsens.

Flat Roof Homestead, FL

A flat roof can be used in many different situations. However, it is more common in commercial properties.

If your residential property has a flat sectional roof, we can cater for any of your needs. Maybe your existing garage has a flat roof that has seen better days? Or even an outbuilding. Whatever the project, we can offer the best available solution to make sure your new flat roof is installed as it should be.

Flat Roof repairs Homestead, FL

For a flat roof repair in AREA, we can help. We will need to check the overall structure of it first to make sure that the repair is viable and providing the rest of the roof is sound, then we will be able to address the leak or damage present.

Asphalt Roof Homestead, FL

Asphalt tiles are perfect when you are on a very tight budget, and the job is urgent. Whilst it will get you out of trouble and do the job, the life span is much shorter than other roof materials. However, that is not to say that it’s not an excellent solution for specific situations.

Asphalt Roof repairs Homestead, FL

If your asphalt roof has become damaged or is leaking, we can resolve any issues you have. As with all repairs we carry out, we will first need to assess that the repair is viable and if so, we will be able to provide you with the best solution.

Commercial roofing contractors Homestead, FL

Whatever the size or nature of your commercial roofing project, we are here to help. Whether it’s for a new build industrial unit or a shop, we can take on all projects. We are happy to work to architect plans if available, or we can use our combined experience to make sure that all new installations are installed to code and the highest standard possible.

Maybe you are the owner of a commercial property, or you are a builder carrying out works for others, or even you require a quotation for insurance work. Please get in contact with us today to discuss how best we can serve your Homestead, FL Roofing needs.

Commercial roofing repair Homestead, FL

As Miami roofing contractors, we understand that commercial roof repairs are an essential service. If your building has been damaged by hail or has reached a point that remedial works are now necessary, then we are here to help you.

Looking after and repairing a roof when required can save you a substantial amount of money in the long run, so please get in contact with us today so we can establish how best we can serve you.

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